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save just keeps you from losing the stone

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Idle, Incremental, Pixel Art


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does the second block work? I'm clicking z and x but my money isnt increasing

It is good but kinda sucks that I can't keep the tab running in the background, but over all it is very relaxing, I like it.

This game is pretty nice for just a beta version hope to see more in the future. :)

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:) thank


how do i mine

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press z sorry later i will put the tutorial

I don't know much English.

can you actually break it or no?

it's in beta later on version 1.0 I'll put it


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Needs feedback from the game. Something like a bar that empties when you manually mine, and fills up over the cooldown.

The first manual mine needs to also trigger on click AND/OR needs something to draw attention to it in the first few seconds (red arrow with a circle should work).

Needs tooltips or some other way to show what the heck does each upgrade do.

Needs to work while not in focus.It's really bad for an idle game when it has to be at least somewhat on the screen in order to passively gain currency as it practically shuts down the entire monitor from active use.

Also yellow text on green background is evil. At least use a black shadow.

Good work so far.

thanks, i agree with everything it's a beta version until it comes out to 1.0 i can change several things later i fix these problems.

I don't know much English.

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Simple but actually great to kill time :D

You should consider using some other background instead of blue squares :)

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is in beta

if you liked you could rate


Hmm i have lots of ideas for that! first why not add a ( merge phase ) or an pickaxe upgrader like merge phase.. ( You merge pickaxes to unlock better ones that can increase small amounts of click power ) N' maybe adding an click cooldown upgrade and a lot more of ideas but if u interesed in more ideas just reply to this!. for now the game is pretty basic, still an good time waster

I already have ideas but I wanted to put something new on map 3 that I'll put after the beta if you have an idea for a new purchase, you can chat

I do not know much English

First what is your lenguage?

portugues brazil

ok, oq tu acho da minhas ideias, e eu tenho ideia pra o proximo upgrade / compra que tal uma furadeira como o proximo upgrade / compra e outra ideia que eu tive era que voce poderia atualmente *quebrar* a pedra eu n sei se da pra fazer isso o ultimo upgrade que eu fiz foi o machado mais tipo que tal cada vez que voce consegui-se quebrar voce ganhase um ponto special que poderia ser usado pra skills tipo velocidade de clique, compra dps, preço dos items, etc. 

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and you?

im from united status but you can speak portuguese to me i know a lot about it, may u respond to what i said now? ( i forgot to say in portuguese )

you can speak your ideas you can change my way of thinking about the future of my game



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what? I did not understand

did you like the game?

can you make it for android pls :)

This Game is very cool.

I don't know how to do it on android but I'll try :)

I do not know English very well 

german? I can very god germAN

You can make it with unity then you can make it for PC,Mac,Linux,Ios,Android and more :)

sorry i don't know javascript 

unity is difficult :/

my computer is weak :(

You can in unity wirte in C# if you want

is there a lot of people playing on Android?



Do the Z Button to an click Button Then WE can on an Android Phone online playing ;)

Sorry, I've abandoned this project, I'm doing another one, but I'm not going to make any game for my cell phone Sorry I won't explain why